Protect our environment

Keep taxes low

Get Seguin growing



Mayor of Seguin

Ann is

  • Passionate about Seguin

  • A proven leader

  • An accomplished team builder

  • An involved year round resident of Seguin

  • Experienced working with all levels of government


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The right choice at the right time

  • Protect our incredible environment


  • Keep taxes low


  • Invest in sensible growth to create quality year round employment

Seguin needs Ann’s energy to

  • Keep the Environment First and promote Living Sustainably in Seguin

    • enforce the Official Plan

    • maintain and improve septic inspections and water quality programs

    • partner with Muskoka Watershed Council and Safe Quiet Lakes


  • Keep taxes low and continue prudent fiscal management

    • zero based budgeting

    • grow the assessment base

    • leverage provincial and federal grants aggressively


  • Enable sensible growth to build year round quality employment

    • ensure high speed Internet by leveraging the SMART Community Network to access grants

    • extend the natural gas line to the airport and business park

    • market Seguin to businesses and retirees as a desirable home


Ann will lead Seguin progressively

  • Her passion runs deep

  • She leads by example

  • She works collaboratively

  • She plans longterm and
    invests wisely

  • Empathic and caring

  • Will work full time as mayor


To know Ann...

David Conn, Past Mayor

Ann has the background and
skill set that will make her an outstanding mayor. She knows government and understands
our priorities. She is definitely the right person at the right time.

Bruce Hatherley, Gordon Bay Marine

Ann is a full time involved Seguin resident. Ann is generous and tireless in her ability to contribute to her community.  She is a proven leader and team builder.  I support Ann’s candidacy as the best person to be Mayor of Seguin.”    

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Send your comments to Ann

Ann is available to meet with you and anyone in the Seguin community.  Please contact her by telephone or by emailing her below.



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