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Autumn - in all its grandeur in Seguin

Your Council has begun the 2020 budget planning process. The 24 Council Priorities that were outlined in our new Strategic Plan will form the basis for staff building their priorities and costing out new and old initiatives. While we will always strive to keep tax increases to a minimum we continue to deal with the uncertainties associated with downloading from the Provincial government. A Committee of Council has been struck to examine the opportunities and implications associated with providing year round maintenance on some of the township roads that currently are only maintained during the summer months. The details of the budget projections will come back before Council in January 2020.

Invasive plant species are a very real challenge for Seguin Township. I am attaching information links on 2 such species which have been spotted in our neighbourhoods. They have strong root systems and can take over many other plants. If you have either Japanese Knotweed or Himalayan Balsam on your property, please destroy it as outlined on these 2 websites. Both are quite attractive plants but can easily take over the growth on your property.

We know that knowing what goes where in the recycling bins is often a challenge so we have updated our website and explanations at . The PDF located at can be printed for easy use in your home. Waste Connections, our recycling partner, reports that the recycling they receive from Seguin has one of the lowest rejection rates of any of their customers so thank you for all that you are doing to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Coming up very soon is the National Seniors day luncheon on October 1st. It will be held at the Humphrey Community Centre. To register, please call 705-732-4300 extension 263.

In addition to receiving updates from me through this blog, I encourage everyone to register to receive the Quarterly Township Newsletter that has more events and activities listed. To register just go to and click on "Stay up to date - subscribe for regular updates".

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